Most cloud-based photo application doesn't support how people originally organizing their photo on the computer. I designed a more communicative and supportive way for people to manage photos online.

eBay Badge

I redesigned the check-out experience for eBay's mobile app. The ideas is encouraging customers to explore more product options by badge collection.

The design was nominated as the Winning Project in the course instructed by the eBay UX team as well as professor Marty Siegle.

Uber Baggage

Traveling with baggage can be very painful. For my personal interest, I designed a baggage delivery service based on Uber's business model which allows flight passengers to call an Uber for their baggage and have them delivered to any desirable destination in an affordable price.

Food Delivery Assistant

I designed the management tool for the food delivery team at YKLS Inc. which enables the team access real-time info more easily and collaborate more dynamically. The design is estimated to save 20% of the operation cost.

"Keep it alive"

For my capstone project during master program, I designed an interactive installation for office environment to combat the sedentary lifestyle.

Other Snapshots

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